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Adopt the French attitude

French Wink, US Partner of the Paris Made in France Show


French Wink, US Partner of the Paris Made in France Show

Claire Obry


Last month, we were at the Made in France show in Paris – French Wink was the official and only US partner. It was a real pleasure for us to see the energy and creativity surrounding French savoir-faire. A true celebration of French heritage and passion – all these French companies are sharing the spirit of responsible production and purchase.
Stay tuned as some of them will soon join the French Wink community and you’ll be able to enjoy their beautiful products in our concept stores.

MIF Expo – an actor of the Made in France revolution

For 5 years now, the MIF Expo provides a showcase allowing the industry, innovation and French creativity to meet the consumers. MIF Expo tries to increase a new socio-economic dynamic: the one chosen by companies who produce in France.
For the organizers, promoting the Made in France is helping jobs creation in France. Craftsmen, producers and businesses have to realize the main steps of their manufacturing in France, to be present on the Show . Products labeled “Made in France” but which only have a minor part of realization in France (like adding a button) are not accepted on the show.

Companies with label such as “Origine France Garantie” or “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” are de facto admitted to participate.

Some of our members were present. We were so proud to be introduced as their representant in the United States. The high-end hand-made teddy bears Pamplemousse, the living-heritage socks maker Berthe aux Grands Pieds, the fancy wine dispenser Obag or even the comfy slippers Degorce.

And guess what? We’ll meet with the organizers in a few days in Paris to bring the show here in New York City!