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Marc Ferrero - Original Acrylic Painting "Who's that Girl?"

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Marc Ferrero - Original Acrylic Painting "Who's that Girl?"


Marc Ferrero - Original Acrylic Painting "Who's that Girl?"


Original square acrylic paintings and varnish. - 11.80 X 11.80

Serie : Glamour

Artist : Marc Ferrero is one of the few contemporary painters who says that painting can still explore new avenues and extend,  through the power of imagination graphic adventures of the last century, which was the richest in terms of pictorial research. The work of Marc Ferrero and the movement of Storytelling Art continues to intrigue because it has features that are not found anywhere else: The fictional stories that take us around the world and refer to all kinds of cultures, of invented characters, true mirrors of the collective aspirations of our time. A forgotten  mixture of all kinds of graphics on the same plane that change the space-time notions of pictorial field. A game between narrative carvings and varying plans that allow each Work of Art to be the pretext for an extraordinary adventure.

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 An unexpected return of the oil painting, ideal for creating scripted environments and generating suspense by color. It is tempting to look for the source of this singular style in the life of Marc Ferrero, self taught, an Argentine  Italian father and a French mother, he stop his studies  at 16 and went in search of the world. At an age when some begin their artistic learning in art schools, he accumulated life experiences and encounters with characters from all backgrounds. On  crossing Morocco and Spain, hitchhiking  to the edge of the lagoon of Assinie in Côte d'Ivoire, cheap hotels in Istanbul's old city of Kyoto, sleepless nights on the Riviera,  mists of  Brussels, it is natural to see in the work of Marc Ferrero influences an adventurous life populated by extraordinary characters, and the temptation would be great to overshadow an essential part of his career, his passion for painting. He is not positioned at the head of a new pictorial movement  without great knowledge of painting and major developments that have marked its history. Artistic modernity is an interior journey in his own time and a fresh look at existing elements  of his art. In 2015 the only art form that does not create fiction is painting. The novelty of the Storytelling Art movement is in this idea: to explore the magic and power of the unknown painting of creating a reality from the imagination of the painter whereas until now it is reality that has dictated the choice of the pictorial artist. Living with Marc Ferrero  Art offers  compelling stories to your walls and enlarge the spaces following in the footsteps of Lisa L'aventura, Spencer Percival Duke and Cello Cordoba on an adventure that is called: "Once upon a time the Comitive ".