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Croire en la couleur 2

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Croire en la couleur 2


Croire en la couleur 2


This creation could appear of a biblical simplicity: a liturgical object composed of a cross supporting a body dressed with a perizonium, a head tilted on the right shoulder, the arms outspread and a foot on the other one … The cross fixes the latitudes and the longitudes of its road towards the spirit of the color.

About the artist
In a long work of synthesis between sacred and profane, never stop to assembling, to reinterpreting, to replay.
This is when everything is linked and this is when the ritual object is transformed.
" As a Lego with teeth, as a Lego with some blood ". Forgetting the endured sufferings, bring us to life by offering its Passion of the color for the eternity.

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Dimensions : 20,07'' x 13,77'' inches