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Adopt the French attitude




We are passionate about fashion, design and beautiful things in general. We love designers and brands that tell us different stories and that are committed to production that better respects people and the environment.

We love the craftsmen who make, transform and create unique and personal pieces with their own hands. We like to be selective in our choices, without being elitist or close-minded. Above all else, we love to discover, to feel wonderment and to surprise you. We love our customers because they follow us, trust us and are willing
to take risks by buying designers that no one’s heard of.

French Wink is a company dedicated to creating immersive pop up stores centered around the best of French savoir-faire.

Based in New-York, French Wink is a brick-and-click concept surfing between retail & digital. Several times a year, we gather lifestyle brands from France to come to the US. Each venue has its own aesthetic with a carefully designed and unique retail space. And all year long, this selection is available online. Shipping worldwide, we give international audience a glimpse into French art de vivre available right at their door steps.


It all started when...

Myline Descamps & Claire Obry - Managing Partners at French Wink

Myline Descamps & Claire Obry - Managing Partners at French Wink

Upon moving to New York City, Claire Obry noticed that French brands attempting to break into the market were struggling despite a high demand for French creations in the United States.  Coming from a background in communication and with experience supporting artisans in France, Claire decided to make it her mission to help these French brands succeed.

Obry partnered with Myline Descamps, a French entrepreneur previously based in Asia where she started her own fair-trade company. Myline brought business and retail experience to the startup.

Together, Myline and Claire created the idea for the French Wink concept store, a one-stop-shop for Francophiles and shopaholics to explore the best French-made products. 

If you represent a French brand

If you represent a French brand and would like to have more details about our services (multibrands & single brand) please contact us at:

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